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Our new Beta 1.1 Mission File is now available on the Download Centre.

As one of the biggest Arma 3 Tanoa Life communities in the world, we strive to offer the best role play experience possible. We are constantly searching for new and innovative ways to improve our community and be at the forefront of any new developments and technologies.

We enjoy what we do, some might say a bit too much, and this is reflected throughout our community. Put simply, if you want a community that loves role play and cares about you, choose British Borders.

You're Welcome
A New Place To Call Home


Love Roleplay
Our passion is your passion


Custom Mission
A unique gaming experience


Reliable Infrastructure
Investing in the best


Strong Community
More than just a server


Experienced Staff Team
We know what it takes


Joining a community is a big decision, and can become a place where you spend many years meeting new people and share lasting experiences.

At British Borders we like to do things differently. We are not your typical Arma 3 community.

As a free, open and friendly community, committed to investing in the best systems, and supported by a fantastic staff team, it is no suprise that our member base continues to grow each day.

We are all united in our passion for role play and invite you to join us and become part of our gaming experience. We offer something for everyone.

So, whether you're a new gamer or an experienced hardcore veteran, we welcome you!

Like you, we are extremely passionate about role play which is why we have gone above and beyond to create a realistic, UK themed, Tanoa Life server for you to enjoy.

Great time, dedication and research goes into exploring new ideas, developing and implementing innovative features and producing professional documentation to ensure your gaming experience is like no other.

Role play presents unlimited opportunities and possible scenarios. How your character develops on our server will depend on the choices you make.

Go ahead, begin your story and role play with us.

Our Tanoa life mission is unique and different. The Affinity framework, completely developed in house, is supported by the latest, smartest and most efficient coding capabilities. We are leading the way in Arma 3 life development.

Designing our mission modular has given us maximum flexibility should we choose to grow or expand our servers in the future.

Great emphasis, pride and care is taken by the development team to ensure we deliver a mission that accommodates your desire to achieve the best performance possible.

Our servers are online for you to enjoy 24/7. This is only made possible by our continued investment in high-end performance servers, databases and DDOS protection.

We manage all our servers and players by using the latest software and tools, giving us greater control and information, and helping to guarantee an enjoyable experience.

Unlike most communities, we are not just a server, we are a global gaming community renowned for our excellence and professionalism.

With an ever growing member base, stretching to all corners of the globe, we are delighted that so many choose to call us home.

Our strong social media presence allows us to actively engage and communicate with you all the latest changes and developments on the go. You will not miss out on anything.

If you looking for some help or just a good old chat you will find many of us on our Teamspeak 3 server. This is a great opportunity for you to introduce yourself and meet other members.

Becoming a member means becoming part of a large and friendly community. Once you join, you won’t look back.

Our community is run by a fantastic, enthusiastic and dedicated group of volunteers committed to making your experience the best it can be.

At British Borders, we have an open and friendly approach to staffing. Most communities have very structured procedures which often delay your need for help or prevent you from obtaining the answers you need when you need them. We don’t!

Our team work around the clock, on all platforms and environments, to provide you with the support and help you need when you need it.

All members of our team are familiar with community affairs and are experienced role players, who understand what it takes to make our community a success.

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